Win Without War

Tell Congress: NO to mandatory military service

Trump has signaled reinstating key cabinet members including former Defense Secretary Christopher Miller. Miller’s name might be raising your alarm bells because he, along with other MAGA supporters, has vocalized support for mandatory military service – effectively reinstating the draft. 

We already know that compulsory military service harms disenfranchised communities who don’t have the means to game the system like several presidents, including Trump, did. But even the famously conservative Heritage Foundation has argued it’s an ineffective policy that actually harms military readiness.

Mandatory military service infringes on the basic constitutional tenets of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We all deserve better than this distorted MAGA vision. Compulsory military service is not only ineffective but detrimental to the fabric of our society — and if you agree, we need you to speak out now.

Let’s shut these bad ideas down before they get any traction. Tell Congress that you’d never support a proposal for mandatory military service.

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To members of the 118th Congress:

Mandatory military service is as ineffective as it is destructive. I urge you to oppose troubling efforts to reinstate the draft and any other policies that coerce people into service.

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