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Tell Pres. Biden: No military intervention in Haiti!

Cholera outbreak, power outages, and violence on the streets. The situation in Haiti is dire — and the unelected Haitian government, has called for an armed international intervention. 

U.S. and UN interventions in Haiti have historically been disasters, and civil society in the country is raising the alarm against this proposed new attempt to run back the same failed playbook. 

Any U.S.-led response to the crisis in Haiti must center the needs of the Haitian people. As Haitian and diaspora civil society organizations have said, the United States should be supporting dialogue among Haitians, NOT working to bring armed foreigners into an already volatile situation. Decisions are being made now, and we all know that Washington is too likely to lead with violence — but if people like us get loud we can help stop this disastrous idea in its tracks.

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President Biden:

The last thing the Haitian people need is for a U.S.-led international coalition to militarily intervene in Haiti. I urge you to focus on robust diplomacy and peacebuilding, and not launch a harmful military intervention.


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