Win Without War

Pres. Biden: Lead the Charge on Arms Control!

From May 19 to 21, the G7 Summit will be held in Hiroshima — the same city the United States devastated with a nuclear bomb during World War II. The resulting human suffering and death are a lasting reminder of the terrible consequences of nuclear weapons, underscoring EXACTLY why the world needs urgent action to prevent a similar tragedy. 

It’s CRUCIAL we work to revitalize and strengthen the pro-peace, pro-disarmament majority NOW — before a doomsday scenario unfolds. As the only nation to have ever used nuclear weapons in conflict, the United States has a unique responsibility to lead the international community toward a safer and more secure future. 

Here’s the thing: the President agrees. From the campaign trail to the Oval Office, President Biden has been unequivocal that a nuclear war can NEVER be won. He’s staffed his administration with officials who agree. And we’ve seen him prioritize disarmament AND diplomacy. 

All we need to do is to create more space and we have a real shot of getting this done — can you join us to tell President Biden to usher in a new era of arms control now?

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To President Biden:

I urge you to address the proliferation of nuclear weapons at the upcoming G7 summit and work to negotiate arms control agreements that will keep the world safe from nuclear war.

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