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Congress: Don’t let the war on drugs become an all out war with Mexico

For well over four decades, the U.S.-led “war on drugs” has been a catastrophic failure. 

U.S. policies, both foreign and domestic, have deepened violence and corruption across multiple continents and vilified and criminalized immigrants and communities of color — all while doing shockingly little to actually address substance abuse or support people struggling with addiction.

Normally, when you look at 40+ years of failure, you might consider charting a new course. Not if you’re House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Rep. McCaul or Rep. Lauren Boebart though — they’re ready to double down.

Legislation quietly working its way through Congress would direct the president to renegotiate the Chemical Weapons Convention, and classify fentanyl as a chemical weapon of mass destruction (WMD). This designation would push the war on drugs into overdrive while feeding a right-wing effort to land us into open conflict with Mexico.

Communities struggling in the face of violence and addiction don’t need a rinse and repeat of bad drug policy — and we all deserve better than a Congress that would slow-walk us to an unnecessary and completely avoidable war. That’s why we’re calling on you to speak out today.

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To members of the 118th Congress:

I urge you to oppose bills like H.R. 3205, which would add fentanyl to the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Legislation like this only sets the stage to escalate the U.S.-led war on drugs — and brings us closer to launching a disastrous military action in Mexico. If you want to build true security, I urge you to work instead on enacting policies that will actually address substance abuse and support people struggling with addiction.

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