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President Biden: Release Afghan assets!

The UN is reporting that food in Afghanistan could run out this month. 

Why? One big factor is that the former Government of Afghanistan kept their money — the money of people in Afghanistan — in international accounts, including in the United States. Those accounts were frozen when the Taliban took over the country, and now BILLIONS of dollars remain inaccessible to Afghan civilians on the ground trying to survive

The medical system is on the verge of collapse, public servants can’t be paid, businesses can’t function or import the most essential necessities, and the prices of basic goods like oil and flour are skyrocketing — even with humanitarian exceptions in place. As the country runs out of cash people’s ability to buy anything is quickly disappearing. 

The U.S. government can help by releasing the Afghan peoples’ funds — and we know the Biden administration responds to the kind of massive grassroots pressure that, together, we can build!

That’s why we’re asking you to join us in calling on President Biden to unfreeze $150 million in Afghan assets each month to help the Afghan people facing a looming humanitarian crisis and economic collapse. Independent monitoring systems can ensure that the funds go to people in Afghanistan that need help and not towards the Taliban’s political aims. 

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Dear President Biden:

Afghanistan is facing an existential economic crisis that’s shuttering banks, leaving civil servants without pay and increasing prices of basic food items like cooking oil and flour for Afghan families. UN officials are warning that food in the country could run out this month and millions could starve this winter.

We urge you to immediately unfreeze and release $150 million currently held at the New York Federal Reserve Bank to the Central Bank of Afghanistan, under the oversight of an independent public auditor, and release additional funds on a monthly basis to ensure that civil servants can be paid and everyday Afghans can purchase food, clothes, and other basic goods.
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