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Tell Congress: Investigate retired military members working for foreign governments!

What’s at the heart of the US alliance with Saudi Arabia’s authoritarian government? Corruption. 

In an incredible report the Washington Post has revealed that 15 retired US Generals and Admirals have worked for the defense ministry in Saudi Arabia since 2016. 

According to the Washington Post: “Records show that a few American officers even negotiated jobs with foreign governments while they were still on active duty.” This is beyond outrageous - we need to be able to trust that military officials are making calls that are in the best interest of our security and not for six figure pay checks. 

That’s why we are demanding that Congress immediately investigate this corruption and pass legislation that prohibits former US military officials from working with foreign governments that have a track record of human rights violations – will you join the call? 

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To members of the United States Congress, 

Please investigate the claims made in a recent Washington Post investigation of former military officials working for foreign governments and take action to ensure that former US military officials not be allowed to work with foreign governments with horrific human rights abuse records. 


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