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We deserve to know: Is the U.S. complicit in human rights abuse?

The latest reports out of Gaza are dire: Hospitals bombed, children facing starvation, and tens of thousands of innocent people killed by the Israeli military’s ground invasion.

The violence needs to end immediately. But U.S. bombs and bullets continue to flow to the region fueling the Israeli government’s war, and we deserve to know: Is the U.S. government complicit in human rights abuse?

A resolution introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders can get us the answers we need. 

S.Res.504 would require the State Department to investigate how the Israeli government’s military operations are harming people in Gaza — and whether its use of U.S. weapons is violating U.S. law.

A vote on the measure is expected later this month, and that means we have the narrowest window of opportunity to build enough support to pass it. And if every Senator hears from activists like you — people passionate about justice and accountability — in the coming days, we’ll have a fighting chance to do just that.

Too often, truth is the first casualty of war. If the U.S. is complicit in human rights violations in Israel and Palestine we deserve to know. Sign now if you agree.

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To members of the U.S. Senate:

I urge you to cosponsor and vote in favor of S.Res.504. This urgently needed resolution would provide overdue and crucially needed information about the scope of the U.S. role in the Israel-Gaza war.

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