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Call on Congress to Show Up for Peace during the SOTU!

After months of incredible violence and suffering, recent reports that ceasefire negotiations remain at an impasse are a hard pill to swallow.

But we know that when a ceasefire becomes a reality, it’ll have an immediate, life-saving impact — and that’s why we refuse to give up hope. This work won’t stop until the remaining hostages return to their families and the Israeli government’s bombing campaign of Gaza ends. And the fact remains that whether we’re still pushing for a pause or organizing to sustain one in the coming days, our work — our voices — will remain crucial to building the political space to end the violence and save lives.

Solidifying support for a ceasefire in Congress will be key to whatever the U.S. government does next. The good news is that a crucial opportunity for policymakers to show their support is just around the corner at the State of the Union next month.

Actions can speak louder than words, and wearing a ceasefire pin has recently emerged as a powerful gesture of solidarity and hope. This symbol of peace, already adopted by artists and actors on the red carpet, carries the weight of our collective desire to end the conflict. 

That’s why it’s time to make that symbol visible in the halls of the U.S. Capitol too. With the eyes of the nation and the world on Congress during the State of the Union, we can amplify the call for peace louder than ever before. We’re organizing members of Congress to send a small but powerful signal of their support for a ceasefire during President Biden’s most important speech of the year — and we need your help today.

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To members of Congress:

A visible call for peace from members of Congress at the State of the Union address can send a powerful message of solidarity and hope to people across the country and the world during a moment of incredible crisis and suffering. I urge you to show support for a ceasefire at next month’s speech.

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