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Tell the Senate: NO mass deportations, NO family separation!

The Senate and the White House are narrowing in on a bad deal that could codify Trump-era policies: Mass deportations, family detention, and family separation. That’s in addition to removing crucial transparency and congressional oversight of billion-dollar weapons sales.

Distressingly, the Senate could vote on this deal as soon as next week.

These extremist anti-immigrant demands are straight out of Trump and Stephen Miller’s playbook — a laundry list of hateful policies we spent YEARS fighting against. That’s why we’ve got to renew that fight and dig in once more: Can you take two minutes to send one urgent note to decision makers today?

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To members of the 118th Senate:

I urge you to ensure human rights are at the heart of any temporary supplemental bill and to reject any negotiated deal that opens the door to Trump-era immigration and asylum crackdowns.

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