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Act Now to Tell Congress: U.S. support for Netanyahu’s war must have limits

When it comes to Gaza, the U.S. government continues to say one thing but do another:

President Biden just signed a comprehensive “security” package that includes billions more dollars for lethal weapons to the Israeli military — including the same kinds of weapons that have already killed tens of thousands of people in Gaza, spurred a famine, and done little to bring home the hostages or shore up the long-term security of Israelis and Palestinians.

The potential for U.S. complicity in even more violence in suffering couldn’t be higher. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is still committed to a misguided decision to launch a ground offensive in Rafah, where an estimated 1.3 million forcibly displaced Palestinians are currently sheltering.

The U.S. government must take action to and hold our allies accountable and save lives now before it’s too late. This week’s supplemental vote wasn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last, chance for activists like you to speak out to condition U.S. military aid to the Israeli government now — and that’s why Congress needs to hear from you today.

If you’re furious that the U.S. government is sending a message of impunity to the Netanyahu government and giving a greenlight for more suffering in Gaza you’re not alone. Join thousands in telling Congress to condition offensive military aid to the Israeli government.

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To members of the 118th Congress:

The U.S. government should be using every ounce of influence to end the violence, get the hostages home, and save lives across Israel, Palestine, and beyond. That won’t happen if you continue to treat this moment as business as usual and send the Israeli government weapons without conditions.

I urge you to do all you can to immediately suspend offensive U.S. weapons sales to Israel.

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