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Add Your Name: Support Haitians fleeing destruction & instability!

Images of U.S. border officials on horseback, using what appeared to be whips to push back Haitian migrants in Texas, make it clear that they haven’t even come close to Biden’s promise of reversing inhumane Trump-era policies. But the resignation by Daniel Foote, President Biden’s special envoy to Haiti, is proof that political momentum is building for long overdue, critically needed changes to our immigration policy.

Because here’s what’s happening: Instead of meeting Haitians fleeing political instability and destruction from recent natural disasters with humanitarian aid and care, the Biden administration is continuing the abhorrent pandemic-related border restrictions designed by Stephen Miller — violently shutting the door on people seeking relief from the destruction and instability. 

Our voices matter and we must speak out against this cruel treatment and urge the administration to welcome people with dignity. If you agree, we need you to add your name to our petition now.

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To Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas:

We call on the Biden administration to take swift action to support Haitians fleeing political instability and environmental destruction by:

- Immediately ending the deportations;
- Terminating Title 42, a Trump-era policy that is being used as legal justification for expulsions;
- Granting Haitians fleeing instability humanitarian parole;
- Providing humanitarian assistance to all in need; and
- Investigating Customs and Border Protection for their recent actions at the U.S.-Mexico border near Del Rio, Texas.

These steps should be building blocks of a long overdue shift in U.S. migration policy — one rooted in peace, justice, and human rights.


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