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Support Rep. John Lewis’ Amendment to End Endless War Costs

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America’s wars have cost $5.6 trillion since 2001. Beyond our budget, the human cost has been incalculable. And we refuse to talk about it. To truly honor veterans like me, we must have a public dialogue about the economic, physical, and emotional costs of America’s endless wars.

Rep. John Lewis has introduced an amendment to Trump’s tax bill that would prohibit cutting taxes on the rich -- a loss of revenue that would add right onto our pile of war debt -- until we get our troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria and eliminate the war deficit gobbling up our budget.

Add your name to my petition supporting Rep. Lewis’ amendment and calling on Congress to honor our veterans by accounting for the human, moral, and financial costs of war.

- Iraq War veteran Matthew Hoh

To the Members of the United States Congress:

By September, America’s post-9/11 wars will run up a price tag of $5.6 trillion. That’s $310 billion per year. Or $23,386 per taxpayer per year. What’s more, our endless wars have come at an incalculable physical, economic, and emotional cost to veterans and their families.

This Veterans Day, I call on Congress to honor our veterans by adopting Rep. John Lewis’ amendment to halt tax cuts for the wealthy until our troops are removed from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, and we have recovered from our massive and untenable war budget deficit.


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