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Tell Pres. Biden: Enforce U.S. law and save lives in Gaza

Just days after the International Court of Justice ordered the Israeli government to halt its assault in Rafah, another Israeli military ‘mistake’ killed at least 45 people, including refugees sheltering in tents.

This kind of breathtaking violence is becoming terrifyingly commonplace, but millions of lives can still be saved. It’ll take decisive action from the Biden administration to make it happen.

As a key ally and source of its weapons — including the same bombs used on May 26 — the U.S. government is uniquely positioned to sway the Israeli government from deepening this crisis further. President Biden's reluctance to use every ounce of his influence has deadly consequences, but the continued pressure from tens of thousands of people can push him to go further.

Millions of lives — are on the line. President Biden has to respond with the kind of leadership capable of stopping a war, and that’s where you come in.

President Biden must join other world leaders in condemning the latest horrific strikes in Rafah and make it unequivocally clear that not one more U.S. bomb or bullet will be sent to the Israeli military in support of this horrific war. Add your name now if you agree.

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To President Biden:

We cannot wait for another horrific attack on refugees at the hands of the IDF. It is time to condemn the violence and suspend U.S. military aid to the Israeli government.

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