Win Without War

Tell Congress: Defund Trump’s Tank Parade

Our massive resistance to Trump’s tank parade got two bills introduced in Congress to cut off funding for this hugely wasteful and undemocratic parade. Urge Congress to pass the Cardin-Veasey bills immediately, before Trump’s next horrible idea steals the spotlight and the Pentagon uses taxpayer money to put Trump’s tanks on American streets.

To: The United States Congress

President Trump’s planned war parade would do nothing to keep our country safe, and would not honor the men and women in uniform, and is a massive waste of money that could be better spent on ensuring true security for Americans though education, health care, and global diplomacy. Its entire purpose is to let Trump play dictator for a day, further eroding democracy and pushing our country even closer to authoritarianism.

I urge you to immediately pass S.2408 and H.R.4980 to prohibit the use of federal funds for any such dangerous military parade.

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