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Tell Congress: Release the CIA Torture Report

After 9/11, the CIA detained and tortured including beating, chaining to the ceiling, locking in coffins, and waterboarding detainees to the brink of death — over 100 Muslim men in “black site” prisons around the world. That period is a stain on human history. 

While Congress authorized a full investigation, the resulting full, unredacted 7,000-page CIA Torture Report has yet to be released to the public. 

Until we know the truth, there is no way to achieve full justice for survivors and victims of CIA torture and detention. Worse, there is also no way to make sure it will never happen again. 

Will you urge your members of Congress to release the unredacted CIA Torture Report to the public now?

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To Congress:

Please authorize the full unredacted release of the CIA Torture Report to the U.S. public.
Until the truth of post-9/11 CIA torture is known, we can’t fight for full justice for victims of torture, or stop “enhanced interrogation techniques” from ever being used again.
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