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Tell Congress: Save the Iran deal

Donald trump is trying to kill the Iran nuclear deal and put our country back on a dangerous path towards war with Iran.

The White House is planning to decertify the Iran deal. International experts and the President’s own senior advisors have publicly made clear the deal is working exactly as intended. Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s petty, political desire to undo everything accomplished during the Obama Administration means that he’s going to ignore the truth and decertify the deal anyway.

With the President having made his intentions clear, it is up to Congress to make the next move. Congress has to choose whether it will side with the American public, national security experts, and our closest allies or whether they’ll side with Donald Trump and a series of warmongers who have hated this deal since day one, precisely because it avoids the regime change war they’ve always wanted.

The Iran deal is working, and we need Congress to protect it against Trump’s efforts to kill it and put us back on the path to war. In the weeks ahead Congress is likely going to be weighing legislation that could either immediately kill the deal by reimposing sanctions or undermine the deal but still walk away from this historic diplomatic accomplishment. Instead of following Trump’s lead, Congress should take steps to isolate the Iran deal from Trump’s political meddling and build upon its foundation to solve our nation’s problems through diplomacy, not war.

Let’s make Congress hear our voices and demand they do the right thing, defend diplomacy, and avoid a war with Iran.

To the Members of the United States Congress:

The Iran nuclear deal is working, making our country and our world safer. It was a diplomatic success that proved we can solve international challenges without resorting to military force. Unfortunately, President Trump is recklessly preparing to decertify the deal to Congress, taking the first step towards tearing up this historic diplomatic victory. As Congress weighs how to respond to the President’s decertification, it must not reimpose sanctions or take any other step that would undermine the Iran nuclear deal and put our country back on the path to war.

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