Win Without War

Tell The Washington Post: No more op-eds from warmongers!

John Bolton is at it again. 

And this time he had help: As diplomats work to revive the Iran nuclear deal, The Washington Post gave its platform to George W. Bush and Donald Trump’s warmongering lackey, who infamously orchestrated the dissolution of the first Iran nuclear deal and championed the disastrous United States war in Iraq.  

We welcome a vibrant debate on all sides on the merits of the nuclear deal, but we need better than Bolton’s bad faith arguments. It is irresponsible and outright dangerous for The Washington Post to give hawks like Bolton their platform to parrot the same failed talking points that lead us away from peace and push us toward war. 

Newsrooms across the country play a critical role in propping up a status quo of disastrous national security decisions. We’ve seen them react to public pressure to change in the past. That’s why we’re calling on the media to stop amplifying false, failed expertise — and you can help.

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To Michael Duffy, The Washington Post Opinions Editor-at-Large:

John Bolton is someone whose beliefs, including the championing of the Iraq war, have proven outdated and harmful, yet your paper published his opinion piece decrying diplomacy with Iran on March 22, 2022. I urge you to give us a real and diverse debate by replacing the voices of failed U.S. foreign policy elites who led us to war with the voices of civilians and experts from impacted communities who can push us toward peace.


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