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Sign our note of gratitude and encouragement to Rep. Omar

The partisan Republican vote to remove Representative Ilhan Omar from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee is a disgraceful opening to the 118th Congress. 

While we are disappointed at the outcome, we remain determined to make sure that Rep. Omar’s voice and leadership on foreign affairs is not silenced. Rep. Omar is one of our progressive foreign policy champions in Congress who is committed to universal human rights, international justice and diplomacy, and the defense of democracy. 

The reality is that this vote did more harm than just strip a fearless champion from her position. It is so blatantly obvious that this vote was driven by anti-Black, anti-Muslim, and anti-immigrant sentiment. Speaker McCarthy’s resolution is really just the latest in a line of attacks animated by unapologetic and vile Islamophobic smears that seek to marginalize Black and Muslim perspectives. 

And that’s why it is so important that we continue to support and amplify Rep. Omar’s voice and leadership on foreign affairs. Please join us and sign this note of gratitude and encouragement.

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To Representative Ilhan Omar:

I am disappointed and outraged at the outcome of H.Res. 76. Thank you for your fearless and tireless advocacy on progressive foreign policy issues. Despite the outcome of the vote, I strongly encourage you to keep fighting for the progressive values we all hold dear. 


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