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Your senators voted FOR an Iran deal poison pill!

The Senate recently voted on a “Motion to Instruct” that threatened to undermine a potential Iran nuclear agreement. 

When word got out, hundreds of other activists took action to call on senators to reject this diplomacy poison pill. Thank you for being the lifeblood of our movement for peace. 

Unfortunately, the Senate voted in favor of the poison pill — 62 to 33 — a deeply troubling let-down for those of us pushing for a foreign policy that centers diplomacy over war, seeks to eliminate nuclear weapons, and frees ordinary people from collective economic punishment — key aspects of the Iran nuclear deal. 

Right now, it’s vital that we let those 62 senators know they made the wrong choice by voting for this shameless effort to sabotage diplomacy with Iran. WIll you join me to hold them accountable?

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To members of the U.S. Senate who voted for the Lankford MTI:

Your vote on Senator Lankford’s Motion to Instruct was a blow against diplomacy that undermines a key nuclear nonproliferation agreement and brings the United States a step closer to war with Iran. We always expected a fight over the Iran nuclear deal — we just didn’t expect that you would vote to make this fight harder. 

Please reconsider this decision and make clear your support for President Biden’s efforts to reenter the deal.


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